About Us

About Us

DMT Ltd ( short for Directional Market Trade), was born from over 20 years experience dealing with corporate and institutional clients. Our head office is Regent Street, London, and we have other offices throughout the world.

We had been consistently asked to open a retail arm, so now we have. Unlike other companies we are upfront open and honest about what we do and how we do it, we will never risk a single clients penny just like we don’t with our own.

At present we are offering clients the opportunity to enter a breathtaking market without tying up capital for long periods of time, as we only ever trade over a maximum of 50 minutes and further more clients only ever trade 1% of their capital on any trade.

As a company we decided not to launch our own trading platform at this time, but allow clients to choose from a number of very reputable platforms that we have personally vetted to ensure client funds are safe and more importantly you can access you funds very quickly.

We furthermore believe that every single person, before they look to use their hard earned cash, should be allowed to use a companies services for 3 days without any risk whatsoever so you can make an informed decision.

At present we are offering clients the chance to try our services for 3 Days FREE* and at absolutely no risk, if you decide that now is the time to look at something that can give you the opportunity to free your family from financial burden and get the things in life you have worked hard to achieve then simply go to the contact page and schedule an appointment and one of our staff will call you back and arrange a Free trial for you.

Due to current tax regulations within the UK, should you decide to continue to use our services after the trial all profit is 100% TAX FREE.

So put us to the test, what do you have to lose, the normal cost of a trial is £990 but at present we are offering them FREE