What is Directional Market Trading (DMT)?

DEFINITION of ‘Directional TradingTrading strategies based on the investor’s assessment of the broad market or a specific security’s direction.
Directional trading can mean a basic strategy of going long if the market or security is perceived as heading higher, or taking short positions if the direction is downward.

You buy a call if you think a stock or market is going up, or you buy a put if you think a stock or market is going down.
For the directional trade to work, you have to know details about the stock or the index, like when earnings are coming out or if the company is going to make a presentation, world and local news.

As you can see there are a few decisions to make before placing a directional risk trade.
At DMT Ltd we do all of that for you.

Can I lose all my investment in a stock market crash?

Unlike investing in stocks or shares where you can lose all of your money in a crash, with DMT Ltd our clients actual take advbantage of a crash and make money as the markets are falling, furthermore by following our advice you would only ever have 1% of your trading capital in the market.

Who is DMT Ltd?

DMT very simply provide clients with an opportunity to do exactly what banks and other financial institutions have been doing for years and that is take advantage of the ups and the downs of the major indexes worldwide.

Why does DMT Ltd analytic’s work 85% of the time?

We Gather real time information from analysts all over the world as we feel they are best placed to let us know whats happening in their own countries before others can react.

How long has DMT Ltd been servicing clients for?

DMT Ltd is a new retail arm for us, the founder has been providing investment advice now for over 25 years and has worked with many of the worlds largest financial institutions.

Does DMT Ltd manage my investment?

At no time will we control or hold any of your capital, we will provide you with directional market alerts via sms, you can then decide if you wish to trade or not. We do offer a managed service where we can place the trades on your behalf, but at all times you are 100% in control

Is DMT Ltd a registered broker?

At this present time, there is no requirement to use an authorised or licensed broker for this type of activity, thats not to say it wont change in the future. If we recommend you to a 3rd party platform then they would be required to hold all relevant authorisations.

Can I receive my DMT Ltd alerts anywhere in the world?

With our state of the art sms delivery system, you can receive your alerts as long as you have a mobile signal.

Can I stop/start trading my account?

You are in full control at all times, we do put safe guards in place (see services) to protect you but you are always in control.

Can anyone access my account?

Only people you give your username and password too can access your account, so please do not disclose to any 3rd party. We will never ask you for the details

Is my money tied up?

We only ever take a position in the markets for a maximum of 60 minutes, your funds (depending on which platform) can be accessed in a very short space of time.

Does DMT Ltd pay commissions to financial advisers/brokers?

We do not pay any 3rd parties

Is my personal or financial information given too or reported to Governments or other 3rd party?

Please see our privacy policy

Can I Try DMT Ltd services before I buy?

That’s the only way we would ever allow someone to become one of our clients, we strongly believe that everyone should have a right to try a companies services before parting with any of their hard earned money.